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Yeah, it's been a while.

BOYS THIS WEEK!!!! I saw the tiny little preview thing...which was pointless but got me all excited anyway. AND the first 5 minutes they showed at ComicCon.

Which if you havn't seen....go watch.Collapse )

If anyone has more, gimme gimme please.

HEROES NEXT WEEK!!!! And Chuck! Need I say more?


FUCK YOU RTD...you make rose/ten shippers very very sad. I can't even express my pissedfulness. Don't be mean, we've been waiting for 2 seasons. PLUS, I swear to god if you regenerate Tennant now I will personally throw rabid badgers at you.

Other than that, 4x12 is a very good episode and season 4 is turning out friggin awesome. Yey DW!

I've got emotion?

Gaaaaah, I hate lj right now. Someone please let me know if the stupid mood theme is working now? 


I've got EMOTION!

and it only took me 5 hours or so because I/my comp/lj is retarded. YEY, I can't remember who I got it from, and I'm too tired to look it up right now, but it's credited in my scrapbook. YEY.



I'm done with school and no longer in the great town of Indiana. Yey Indiana? Anyway, I'm exhausted and I have no clean anything and I've got one thing to say:



Finals are here! Oh god, the death that will ensue in the next few days. I've got two tomorrow and a Bio final on Thursday, which might as well be 2, or 3, or, you know, the entire semester crammed into one test. Yey Bio!
So, I'm planning on not sleeping until Thursday night, after SPN, of course.

YEY for the boys being back! Oh, how they were missed. Last week's episode was AWESOME.

-INTERRUPTION!!!!- diana is bra-less....and dancing....and singing "a-jigg-a-lly jig jiggally!" I am scarred for life......and also convincing her she can jiggle them in circles......

Anywho, SPN was amaaaaaazing. For the simple fact that YEY SWEARING BOYS. I love profanity so much....*single tear*

And....I need to go back to studying. Hooray to the relationship between Sodium and Potassium...and Dia.

(Post Secret of the Night, from Diana: No one can turn me on more than my 8th Grade Boyfriend did.)
If you people don't know what Post Secret is....whaaa? Google, bitches.


New Supernatural today was sweet as hell. I've decided that Sam and Dean should be allowed to swear as much as possible. If the rest of this epi would have sucked (which, btw, is impossible.) then the simple foul language would have made it worth it. But, it fucking rocked the socks straight off my feet. You know, hypothetically. No socks on my feets.

Also, I officially love the Office. I mean, the simple fact they Jim put shit in Jello is enough to seal the deal. Unfortunately some idiot decided it should be on at hte same time as SPN. Fuckers. So, Diana and I will be watching it tomorrow online, hopefully she has time between birthday-ing.

Speaking of, 

Many <3's for many years!

That's all, I must work before I get yelled at again.

5:12 AM

 I've officially decided that I don't actually need to sleep. So, instead, I decided to update for the masses of people reading this! Basically, Diana, I hope this makes you happy.

I went to see The Clarks with Diana and Josh on Friday and it was amazing. I can't thank Dia enough for the free ticket, both times. It was fantastic, and apparently I looked bored halfway through, but I was really just lost int he moment. I don't get that much, it was good.

So I just spent an hour online trying to find a central Pa accent. I think I found a little of one, although not really a proper Williamsport (Weemsprt!) accent. I dunno, I think I was just really bored. Wikipedia says I should say seen instead of saw. Which I don't, however my father and boyfriend both do....frick. It also said I say were-sh cloth...no comment. It them said I should say y'inz. So I don't believe ANY of that article. Lies, we don't say that. All western pa. pah, we all know those Pittsburghers are crazy motherfuckers. <3

So yeah, it's 5:18am, I have to be up at 8:30. I just don't care, I guess. I can't get motivated. I'm being emo!jess tonight, I guess. I miss Joe, only 24 days to go....yeah, I'm that emo. I was excited about it for the first time in a long time, now I'm just sad. Yey, loser!jess.

Also, my addiction to jack/ianto continues...I'm such a loser.

And I took a shower 3 hours ago....I'm still not dressed. Naked!time, the tradition lives on!

Drowsy Entry of Drowiness.

DISCLAIMER: Jess is very sleepy. Coffee is not helping. Please disregard any spelling, gramatical, or factual errors as both my hands and brain are numb.

     Okay, so. I was gonna make an entry that had something important to say, but I completely forgot what it was because Diana showed me a Jared hair picspam. I'm a jensen girl and I still got all gdaslkgds;k'af. Indeed.
Also, I have deemed James McAvoy to be a perfect human being. And for some reason this takes me to greek statues, which are supposed to be perfect figures or bodies or whatever, and that's why they'rell nekked. (Although I just found out that appaently nekked isn't the same as naked and insead mean to be naked in a sexual nature, so I guess they're just naked, but I like the word nekked better. Maybe cause I'm a perv.) So, Mr. McAvoy should, therefor, always be nekked. Who agrees?

     NEW PARAGRAPH! Because even in the most delusional, overly tired state, I use correct grammar, or at least puctuation. However, beware of the run on sentences. Diana has decided EVERYONE on facebook needs to be exterminated by Daleks. SO if you two people who are reading this (Dia and Jules) haves the facebook? Changing of the staus to "...has been exterminated by Daleks." PlzKthanx! Maybe if enough people do it the Doctor will show up.

     Meh, that's about it. Oh, and Torchwood. TW has made me a fan of gay pr0n. Thank you for being in my tv, messin with my perceptions!

  • Put your media player of choice on shuffle.
  • List the first fifteen songs that come up (skipping titles like "Fugue in D Minor") and add "in my pants" to the end.
  • Bold the ones that actually made you LOL

    1. Recycled Air in my pants
    2. One Chance in my pants
    3. Hear you Me in my pants
    4. Perfecting Loneliness in my pants
    5. Save it Cory in my pants
    6. Cemetry Gates in my pants
    7. Rocket Man in my pants
    8. 1000 Miles per Hour in my pants
    9. This is Not an Exit in my pants
    10. Velouria in my pants
    11. Read my Mind in my pants
    12. Such Great Heights in my pants
    13. E-Bow the Letter in my pants
    14. A Comet Appears in my pants
    15. Ruled by Secrecy in my pants.